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No more helper functions for Laravel?

Maybe you’ve seen it already or heard it somewhere. The helper functions are going to be removed in Laravel 5.9. They are deprecated since Laravel 5.8. I don’t know about you but I find them useful and use them quit a lot. Even though these function are only an alias for something else it felt cleaner to me to use them.

So what functions are going to be removed? Well it’s only the alias functions, for example str_slug(‘Some string value’) is an alias for Str::slug(‘Some string value’). This can be seen as some sort of duplicate code. So it’s logical that these are removed because the framework should stay clean.

But what if you’d still would want to use these functions? Well Laravel provides a backward compability package. You can find this package here: https://github.com/laravel/helpers. When you’re installing this package all these deprecated helper function will still be available.

So there are no more helper functions for Laravel unless you choose to use them yourself.

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